Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year one

It's a new year and what better time to revisit the blog and focus myself. Christmas was wonderful and we're still reading and watching tv in the glow of our tree and decorations. Things don't return back to normal around here until Jan. 6, Old Christmas Day. Coincidentally, that was my due date last year but baby decided to hold on a few more days. In about a week, I'll mark a whole year of being a mom. That's my New Year.

I usually write up a list of accomplishments at the end of one year and think about what to improve upon in the next. This year, Charlotte was the major accomplishment. Next, it was showers. Making food, eating food and feeding other people are also top on that list. I had some difficulty in the early days with baby's introduction to solid food. Luckily, she always liked food and had a big appetite. But she didn't always like my food. These days, she's all about it and she's just as happy gobbling up chickpeas and sweet potato (yes!) with us as she is having a treat of homemade banana bread or pumpkin pancakes. She even ate most of the same items as us at Christmas turkey dinner. The progress we've made makes me very excited for her birthday preparations!

There's one more food update for me as I enter the new year. I successfully made it back to pre-pregnancy weight right around the same time I returned to work in September. The last twenty pounds (I gained close to 50 over the nine months!) were all due to hard work and the help of SparkPeople. I tracked everything I ate for about 4 months straight, whether it was good or bad. Tracking really helped me focus on my intake and what I needed to do exercise-wise. After a break for the holidays, it's time to go back to that routine. Thankfully, I didn't indulge too much recently but I still miss the discipline and what it means to track my food and be healthier.

So here's to 2013 and all the new things it will bring. Happy eating!

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