Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sweet potato or bust

A face full of carrot and a dessert of peach in her net feeder.

Our little girl started solid foods two months ago and she's never looked back. She started with a few bites of avocado and now will eat an entire half fruit in one sitting. In the mornings, she usually has about a third a cup of cereal and sometimes a few tablespoons of applesauce. I don't think she's ever been full!

Her favorites also include apple, banana, carrot and oatmeal cereal. We have tried lots of fruits, vegetables and cereals and she's eaten all of them without much protest...except sweet potato. I first tried making the vegetable for her myself by roasting it and then pureeing it in the food processor. It was her first cooked (ie. not raw) food. She took one bite and actually gagged. I've since tried it boiled, in chunks and mixed with apple but no luck so far.

This has been a trend in our little girlie's solid food forays. I had thought I'd be making yummy food for her from scratch. I would spend one or two days a week making food so our freezer would be well stocked with homemade and healthy offerings. I wanted to use what we were eating to cut down on work and to encourage baby to eat like mom & dad in preparation for eating with us. Unfortunately, no matter the recipe or method I use she refuses to eat my food with as much gusto as store-bought baby food. That first sweet potato experiment has set a standard and I'm sad to say I've wasted some food in the name of experimentation.

I know we're lucky to have such a good eater. I consider myself to be a pretty good cook & have tried all sorts of methods. Believe me, though, the irony is not lost on me that my own kid hates my cooking!

I decided to buy jar and pouch food just to try. Then if there were no reactions (thankfully, none yet!) and she liked the food, then I would go ahead and make a batch of homemade food.This has backfired as she's a stubborn little girl. She's now eating a mix of homemade food and store bought. I'm not giving up, though. Everyone, including my doctor, tells me it takes up to fifteen tries before a child may like a food. So sweet potato is still on the is homemade carrots, peaches, green beans, etc. If baby likes it from a jar she might eventually like it from mom's freezer. I'm just going to keep trying! 

I'm also encouraging her to try finger foods in small bites and foods such as apples, peaches, watermelon and cantaloupe (all favorites!) in a handy net feeder (like this one) she likes to suck and bite on. Hopefully all the food trials will be helped by our little gummy-grinned little girl finally getting teeth. Her first one showed up yesterday!

 Cantaloupe cut up for use in the net feeder.

Carrot cooked, pureed in a baby Wean Machine and ready for storage. 

The beginnings of a freezer full of baby food to try. Hey, it's all pretty yummy so if she won't, eat it we will!

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