Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome baby brunch

Today we had a little get-together brunch to welcome our little girlie. We invited mostly family and a few friends who haven't met her yet. Our house is cozy (read: small) so I tried to have a buffet-style mix of offerings which accommodated as many palates as possible. I had veggie items, some meat (ham), and a few gluten-free foods. I finally got to break in a 3-part buffet warmer my mother gifted me for Christmas plus I put beans on the stove and a few cold salads (fruit, mixed greens & a pasta). I paired these items with coffee, tea and lemonade. For dessert, I offered mini lemon pies and a pumpkin rum raisin cake I made while pregnant and froze for just such an occasion. Finally, I put out some fresh flowers, a bright tablecloth and all-white serving dishes and plates which added to the Springtime and "new" feel. Thankfully we had a beautiful day to boot so we opened up the curtains and windows to let the sun shine in and fresh air fill the house.

Of course, I couldn't forget the main ingredient & star of the show: out little girl!

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