Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Getting to prepare food in an industrial kitchen always puts me in a Spring mood (well, it has for the past few years since I've been volunteering with FEASt). Here are some images from FEASt Fest 2012 which happened this past Saturday. Bring on warmer weather, strolls in the neighbourhood, more regular and longer naps from my little gremlin, and lots of cooking!

Baby in the kitchen!

 Lots of Georgestown Bakery crusty rolls. They smelled so good and tasted even better!

 There were seven different types of soups and chili so we had a lot of bowls lined up for hungry guests. In the background are the vegan gluten-free shortbread & chocolate mini cupcakes I made for the event.

 Here is some of the crowd gathering as lunch is being served.

A bit posed but here I am, nonetheless, in the kitchen.

And here is our little gremlin at the event in her locally grown onsie. So sweet :)

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