Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eating on the run

Pies made with local berries, white homemade bread (with globs of butter), meat and potatoes...and gravy. Lots of french fries, snack foods and  sugary Pepsi. This are the ingredients for a poor diet and weight gain. But, this has been my diet for the past three days because I'm on the road in some remote places with great hospitality. The places where I'm eating are the kinds of places where they give you more than enough and then feel insulted if you don't have seconds or dessert. And every meeting and activity is just another excuse to eat or drink a cup of tea.

I'm loving it, don't get me wrong, because the food is rich and tasty. Last night, for example, we had the choice of caribou roulaud (in a rich juniper-laced gravy) or locally caught cod (battered and deep fried)...I chose the cod. Delish...but I'm not getting many fruits or veggies, or much exercise for that matter, so I'm looking forward to returning to my routine soon. This place is beautiful and the people are generous but I'm worried I soon won't be able to fit into the plane to take me back home! At least I'm getting lots of fresh air and healthy tea!

Mary's Harbour, Southeastern Labrador

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