Monday, February 28, 2011

Stir fry: kinda like a warm salad

 I'm not a huge fan of stir fry, to tell the truth, but it's a good option when you need something quick and healthy for dinner. All you need is a big fry pan (or wok), some garlic, ginger, salt and pepper -- and whatever veggies and base you'd like. The main thing to remember is to cook everything in order. Start with your aromatics (eg. onion or garlic) and saute them for a little bit until they sweat. Then add meat and/or veggies starting with whatever will take the longest to cook first.

For this particular stir fry, for example, I added broccoli first and cooked that for a little bit. When it started to get darker green and softer, I added mushrooms and stirred everything around. Then I added green beans because they take the least amount of time to cook (especially if you like them a little crunchy like I do!).

 Then you add a dash of salt and pepper and serve on top of your base. You can use noodles, rice, add some beans or chickpeas, or have just the mixture on its own. I added some nuts on top and threw in some pre-cooked chicken and served the whole thing on top of rice.

So try this quick and easy dish next time you're in a rush. It's also way to make use of leftovers or odds and ends in your fridge you need to use up soon. Try experimenting with sauces, herbs and other flavouring...just be careful of sugar-heavy pre-made sauces out there. Add raisins, nuts, or sprouts. And if you keep your ingredients to real food you can adapt this recipe for many diets like low carb, diabetic, gluten free, vegan, etc. Essentially it's a warm salad that you can adapt however you'd like.

Throw it all together (in order of course!) and enjoy!

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