Monday, October 11, 2010

Food photo challenge: Oct.1-10, 2010

The first week of the DesktopGourmet food photo challenge...stay tuned for more food!

Friday, Oct. 1: Ham and cheese pressed sandwich
Saturday, Oct. 2: Salad with dinner
Sunday, Oct. 3: Surprise flax pancakes for breakfast

Monday, Oct. 4: Pork tenderloin, sweet potato and green salad

Tuesday, Oct. 5: Strawberry frozen yogurt with lots of cherries

Wednesday, Oct. 6: Onion pakoras

Thursday, Oct. 7: Popcorn snack with a scotch and ginger in front of the tv

Friday, Oct. 8: Coconut shrimp

Saturday, Oct. 9: Sanity-saving Diet Coke

Sunday, Oct. 10: Brined turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving!

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