Sunday, October 31, 2010

Food photo challenge: Oct. 21-31, 2010

The final week of the DesktopGourmet October food photo challenge!

Thursday, Oct. 21: Perogies with a spicy sour cream sauce.

Friday, Oct. 22: Oatt and blueberry muffin (for breakfast...ate too quick to take a picture!)
Saturday, Oct. 23: Beef quesadillas with salsa

Sunday, Oct. 24: Fiesta eggs (scrambled eggs with yellow and orange peppers)

Monday, Oct. 25: Mini samosas
Tuesday, Oct. 26: Italian wedding soup

Wednesday, Oct. 27: Bone chips (served with blood dip...aka salsa) that I made for my Toastmasters Halloween meeting
Thursday, Oct. 28: Mid-afternoon hot chocolate at my desk at work.

Friday, Oct. 29: Roasted fingerling potatoes.

Saturday, Oct. 30: mmmm....cold pilsner.Sunday, Oct. 31: Salad with mixed greens, dried cranberries, onion, almonds and orange slices.

Halloween, Oct. 31 bonus: CANDY!

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