Monday, October 4, 2010

The Desktop_Gourmet food photography project

Has anyone else notice I've been lazy in my blogging efforts lately? I sure haven't felt unmotivated but still I've been lax with the postings. So in an effort to be pro-active I've created a new challenge for myself. For the entire month of October I'll be taking a photo of what I eat each day and will post it to my blog here. It might not be exciting all the time but it'll keep me on track (I hope)...and I may not post every day but I'll post every photo. Promise.

My goal for this project is to take a photograph of one thing I consume each day for a month. The project should a)keep me busy and blog-minded; b)keep me honest about what I'm consuming; c)re-ignite my passion for food, cooking and, most importantly, eating.

So it's already October and I've already started! Stay tuned for the first post from the first few days of food photography.

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