Thursday, April 15, 2010

1st Blogaversary!

I've made it one full year as a blogger. It's been a big and interesting year, and I feel a little like Julie Powell in my accomplishments. Not that I cooked a whole book or mastered any recipes (except Guinness chocolate cake), but I didn't give up on cooking and writing. And compulsively taking photos of my food. My dining partners are probably used to me by now, but it's not everyone that would whip out a camera and adjust the lighting in the room just to get a clear shot of a dish before anyone can eat it. "Wait, don't eat, I have to take a photo first!"

I've discovered a lot about myself this year, made some good attempts at cooking and baking (and failed in some of those attempts), entertained friends and family, and had a lot of fun. And I always thought for my first blogaversary I would tackle something big and scary just to say I could. Crème brulée maybe? Sounds a little daunting but fun and hopefully yummy. Stay tuned!

What's your Mt. Everest of cooking?

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