Friday, March 5, 2010

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So it's Friday lunchtime and the weather here is end-of-days-ish. Seriously, it's blowing wind and raining sideways. So I'm staying in and letting you know of some awesome foodie spots you can visit online next time you have lunch at your desk.

Serious Eats is my favorite foodie site by far. It offers up consistent material from the US (and sometimes elsewhere) and provides a multi-media smorgasbord of food blog delights. There are several regular features and every now and then some random awesomeness thrown in for good measure. You're also able to post to online forums and discussions so you can feel connected with those just as food-obsessed as yourself.

If you're into browsing or joining a food community, Foodbuzz is the spot for you. This site features thousands of foodies who link together and communicate what they're cooking. blogging, photographing and eating. You can create your own profile, hook it up to twitter, add friends and share information and opinions. The best part of this site by far is their Top 9 feature which is a daily list of the top food photos posted by members. It'll have you drooling with every click.

Cake Wrecks is a blog for those who just want a good laugh at the expense of others. It features cakes that have gone horribly wrong. It's true that our society features cakes as symbols of our most celebrates times and milestones: birthdays, weddings, new babies, etc. And though I'm sure a lot of these disastrous cakes were heartbreaking for those who had to endure them - they are just hilarious for the rest of us. Please enjoy!

For those Tumblr fans, there are great tumbleblogs out there devoted to food that you should check out:

Fancy Fast Food
takes everyday fast food and turns it into the finest cuisine. You won't believe your eyes when you see before and after pictures!

Pretty Foods & Pretty Drink is just that; this is a blog of pretty things that just happen to be edible and it's a lovely visual experience. Plus you'll get lots of ideas for your own food photography.

F**K Yeah Cheeseburgers is a blog about cheeseburgers and cheeseburger photos. Plain and simple. There are similar blogs for pancakes, cilantro, and Korean food, to name a few.

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