Monday, January 4, 2010

New year...yadda yadda

Happy new year to you all - readers, foodies, eaters, bakers, and everyone else. I have resolved a few things this year and one of the big ones is to get back into cooking/baking. A large part of this is to get back into blogging! I will aim for regular blog enteries, better food photos and more experimental food experiences. With a new place and new motivations, there is no reason for me to shy away from what I love.

I resolve to cook up a storm. Bake cakes for birthdays. Host cocktail parties. Make huge piles of food to freeze for lunches. And make good use of my new mini torch (for crème brulée of course!). It will take focus, hard work and guts...but it'll be good. At least I'll eat well!

Stay tuned!

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