Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turkey crazy

It's Thanksgiving dinner at my house today. I have been brining the turkey since last night. This morning I got up, rinsed the thing off, patted it dry and prepared it for the oven. So far so good. I didn't drop it, spill the brining liquid all over my kitchen, cut myself or anything equally as horrible yet. One thing may have gone wrong, though. All my research and experience told me it was going to take a long time to cook a turkey. I have 1 1/2 hours 'till dinner though and I think it's done! The meat thermometer I'm using says it's at the right temperature. What to do now? I'm going to tent it with foil and let it rest. Then I'm going to wing it, so to speak, and rely on the premise that leftover turkey is always better. It looks great though so hopefully it'll taste OK too.

Root vegetables are boiling and stuffing, cranberry sauce and dessert is made.

If you want to know the method I'm using, check out my guest blog account of the details on Signal Blog. I'll keep you posted!

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