Saturday, September 5, 2009


I'm so happy with the way the quiche turned out. The crust was a little time consuming but actually pretty easy for a hand-made crust. The filling took no time and it all tasted great. I did some substitutions including: using some local leek I got at the farmer's market, using ham instead of bacon, and plain milk instead of cream. Using the original recipe would result in a richer quiche but my version was a bit healthier and tasted great to me!

Crust from scratch, rolled out and then put into pie dish. The silver thingies are crust protectors I scored for my birthday. Kitchen gadgets rule!
Leeks! You've got to really wash them out well and then sweat them with some onions. Fry up some ham (or bacon) and add that to the egg mixture before baking

The finished product! Quiche Lorraine...yum! And I have enough leeks leftover to try leek and potato soup tomorrow.

Pie Crust Shield on Foodista

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