Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A thought on eating local

CBC's food blog FoodBytes has a new post about the troubles with trying to eat local. The author discusses recent closures of hog farms and processors in Prince Edward Island. He writes: "P.E.I. pork travels close 850 km from the farm to my plate." That's in the Maritimes. I'm even farther East in Newfoundland and don't want to think about how far my food has to travel to get to my plate. I love avocados and bananas but just think of the fuel it takes, for example, to transport fresh produce like that all the way to the communities in this province! The idea of a 100-mile diet seems lovely in theory. But the reality of it is I don't think I could give up long-distance food"cold turkey" without suffering culinary depravity.

Though I'm not willing to give up my avocados just yet, maybe I'll try eating just canned tomatoes in the off-season and extend my puny herb garden to include more veggies. Baby steps people, baby steps.

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