Monday, July 20, 2009

Pasta salad for lunch

I've been a littlle lax lately with preparing lunches. If I don't get lunches together either the night before or in the morning, we end up eating crap and spending too much for said crap food. But what do you do when you're sick of leftovers and sandwiches? The other night I decided to improvise with what was in my fridge and cupboard and make a nice pasta salad. You could use whatever you had but here's what I used:
Bowtie pasta (about 2 cups)
Cherry tomatoes (1 pint and cut in half)
Black beans (1/2 can, rinsed)
Green pepper (1/2 pepper, sliced thinly)
1/4 cup light mayo
2 tbs mustard
1/3 cup mozza cheese (cubed, could also use feta or shredded cheddar)
dash of salt & pepper, paprika and chili powder.
Cook the pasta as per directions on the package. Drain and put aside to cool. Then chop/prepare the rest of the ingredients. Put into large bowl and add the dressing ingredients. Mix and combine with the cooled pasta. Then divide the salad up into small covered bowls or reusable lunch containers. Presto - lunch for at least two days. It was easy and it'll be there waiting in the fridge!

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