Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easy to shop for

The past weekend marked another birthday in the life of me. And though I advertised there was no need for presents, my wonderful friends and family did not listen and brought them anyway. And there's a theme...

We all know those people in our lives who are hard to shop for? Apparently I'm not one of those people. I received cookbooks, a 9" spatula, a pie server, an avocado saver (didn't even know these existed!), a cake tester and wine. That last one doesn't really fit the food theme but, hey, I like wine.

My boyfriend even gave me a cast-iron frying pan. One friend said, shocked, "I think I'd hit my boyfriend with the pan if he gave me that." But it's what I wanted! I'm a fan of useful things for gifts and what's more useful than stuff you can make food with and enjoy on a daily basis? So thank-you for the new gadgets (and the non-food-related gifts too). I'll try my best to put them to good use!

Avocado Saver on Foodista

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