Monday, July 6, 2009

Chili surprise

The surprise is that I didn't know I was making chili until it was done! It started out as a spaghetti-like idea. I had ground beef and tomatoes...that's all I knew for sure.

I started with olive oil in a pan, chopped some garlic and added that to slowly saute while I took a look in our fridge and pantry. We had carrots, green peppers, and cremini mushrooms. I chopped all those up and added them to the pan to sizzle. The mixture was starting to look more like a ragu than regular spaghetti sauce. Then in went the meat. More sizzle until it browned. Then I added a couple chopped tomatoes and a can of chickpeas that were hiding in the cupboard. I also added some chili powder, ground cumin, salt and pepper, partly out of instinct and partly out of that's what was within reach of the stove while I stirred. Then all it needed was a good simmer until all the flavours melded together and the veggies were soft. Voila, chili!

All you need with this is a good piece of garlic bread and a spoon!

This is what I'm having for supper tonight...yum!

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