Thursday, June 18, 2009

War wounds and weapons

I'm taking a break from recipes to recount the amount of injuries I've encountered while trying to make food. I feel like I constantly have a band-aid on some finger or other. Most common finger-cutting mistake: bagels. My thumbs usually gets the brunt of abuse but I recently sliced right into my right palm. No stitches needed and no scars it either, thankfully.

More than once, I have fooled myself into thinking I have the asbestos fingers of a well-seasoned chef. I do not...and this has resulted in many scorched fingers on ice.

I do have not one, but two identical scars on my right arm and both are from taking pies out of the oven. Different occasions of course...I'm not one to learn a lesson easily. These from Lee Valley would help me out so I'm putting them on my "must get" list of kitchen items.

I have also caught tea towels on fire at least three times and often forget about above-mentioned finger cuts and go right ahead and juice lemons or limes anyway (ouch).

Cutting onions is also a injury-inducing experience and not at all helped by my glasses (I swear vapors get trapped between the glasses and eye and just linger!). These onion goggles may help the stinging and crying but may not be a help in the style department.

Also it is wise to keep your knifes sharp and safely stored. Both sharp, improperly stored knifes, and dull knifes of any kind, are dangerous. And get new oven mits. When was the last time you bought oven mits? Serious, you can't remember, can you? Get a new pair now. Silicone is popular now, as is the Ove Glove. And if you are prone to arm burns or will be doing any BBQing, try a longer glove. America's Test Kitchen did a test of their favorites and the Kool-Tech came out on top, with the less-expensive Parvin Flameguard Oven Mitt a close second.

And if you're just as accident prone as me I offer some advice from the Daily Fork. And advice from myself? Think ahead and cook responsibly!

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