Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New tastes and new ideas

With a cosmo on the rocks and cold veggie spring rolls with hoisin dipping sauce. Heaven.

Well I had a nice vacation to a big city. While away I ate and drank myself silly on new flavours, techniques and foods. I bought lovely green olive oil from a Greek family business which grows their own olives. I tasted new beers and wine. I saw some live cooking demos and tried some great restaurants. The one thing I really took back, though, was how larger cities have such a wide variety of food available all the time. Produce is cheaper and international flavours run wild. In one week I had excellent curry pad thai, sushi (twice actually), gyros from a street vendor, and the best hollandaise sauce I've ever had. To say I've been inspired by these new tastes and fresh ingredients would be an understatement. And after not cooking for myself for over a week I realized how much I missed it. The actions of chopping, stirring and flipping were dying to be practiced again when I returned home.

After an early flight, delays, and a nap, I settled in to a Nigella Lawson-inspired simple meal of pasta with an hollandaise type (egg yolk/oil) sauce and herbs. And it felt so good to whisk and boil again!

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