Friday, May 1, 2009

Fish cakes with a twist

Salmon cakes

Where I'm from we love our fish cakes (usually made with cod and potato) and I saw a recipe the other day for salmon cakes so I figured why not? The recipe called for canned salmon which I found no problem at the supermarket (skinless, boneless). Then, like regular fish or meat cakes, I mixed the salmon with:
- an egg
- bread crumbs
- green onions (chopped thin)
- parsley (Chopped fine)
- salt & pepper

I didn't measure anything - just relied on my eye to tell me I had enough crumbs and egg to bind it all together. Then I divided the mixture, formed balls and then flattened them into cakes. Then I fried them in a little olive oil - easy peasy. They tasted great and I served them with a salad and some chioplte mayo (mayo with chioplte hot sauce mixed in).

The can salmon worked well but it didn't provide enough salmon to make a decent dinner. Plus it was kinda expensive for canned meat. Next time I'm going to try the same menu but with fresh/freshly frozen salmon and chop and mix it all up in my food processor. All in all though it was a great meal and easy to prepare. Thumbs up!

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