Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Desert island lunch

I've been thinking about things I love to eat. Like if I had to eat just one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be? Or if I had to request my last supper? Odd thoughts but I think it really tells a lot about a person. For example, do you dream in recipes or complete menus? Or, like me, do you piece together random foodstuffs?

Things I love include late night pepperoni pizza, ice cream cake, meaty chili, sour cream and onion chips, clear cream soda, brie, chickpea curry, and well-made Caesar salad. But, as good as all those things are, none of them quite made the list.

So here it is - my top five desert island list of food:
1) Avocado (in guacamole or just scooped right out of the skin)
2) Fresh homemade bread (white, and with butter please)
3) Soda water. Seriously, fizzy water is my love.
4) Family food favorite toss up - either dad's pea soup (with dumplings) or mom's mac and cheese. I'm not fussy.
5) Vanilla ice cream with Magic Shell chocolate sauce (the kind that hardens when it hits the cold ice cream.)

So if I'm ever sent to the gallows you'll know what to serve me the night before. And if anyone knows a good recipe for that hardening chocolate sauce or how it could be used in an ice cream cake, bring it on!

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