Monday, April 27, 2009

Stuffed potatoes: one thumb up, one down

It's starting to warm up so, after cleaning up the back yard over the weekend, we threw some burgers on the grill for Sunday supper. As a side dish I could prepare inside, I decided to make a recipe I saw earlier on America's Test Kitchen's Cook's Country for Supper Stuffed Baked Potatoes. They turned out looking great but I was a disappointed in their taste.

The method described on the episode for preparing the potatoes, scoping them out and crisping them op worked out great. To the potato innards, you mix in garlic and herb-flavoured Boursin cheese, a soft cows milk cheese originally from France but now often produced in the US. Then you add half-and-half, sauteed garlic, butter, salt, pepper and chives. You top the whole stuffed thing with more crumbles of the cheese.

I was quite excited to dig into this big side dish but it came up short in flavour. Maybe I've melted my taste buds with regular doeses of spicy foods and lots of garlic...but this just didn't seem creamy or garlic-y enough! I will try this again but will add more cheese or try another brand of garlic-flavoured cream cheese (hey, I never said this was a healthy side!). All in all this recipe was pretty easy, looked great but left me wanting more.

Picture: Cook's Country Online

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